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Praying the Psalms for October  

Youth Mission Breakfast - October 1, 9:00 am
Breakfast will be served by the Youth Fellowship. Hot breakfast casseroles, sausage, and fruit will be available. Donations will be accepted for next summer's mission camp.

Worldwide Communion Sunday - October 1, 11:00 am
Many important events happen in the month of October but the most significant is our gathering for Holy Communion on the first Sunday this month. Christ once again extends the invitation for us to gather at his table to experience his presence in the bread and the cup. The first Sunday in October is designated as Worldwide Communion Sunday, a day for celebrating the life of Christ we share with believers around the world.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP: Chicken Pie Making Setup - October 4
After a pizza supper, we'll prepare the fellowship hall for chicken pie making. All available hands appreciated!

Chicken Pie Making

Wed, Oct 4 6:30 pm/td> PPut down floor covering and set up
Thurs, Oct 5 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Cooking chicken, preparing the pie dough, cutting chicken, rolling pie crusts, putting pies together, crimping, bagging, box making, and "in the freezer"
Fri, Oct 6 8:00 am - Finish Cooking, cutting, rolling, crimping, bagging, box making, "in the freezer, and clean up

Virginia Creeper Trail Youth Bike Ride - October 7, 8:30 a.m.
Our youth will return to Damascus, Virginia for a ride through the blessing of God's Creation along the Virginia Creeper Trail, a 17 mile stretch down Whitetop Mountain on a railroad bed converted to a trail. Bicycles and helmets are needed. We have some loaners so let John Rights know if you plan to go and need either one of these. Gloves are also helpful. Bring a sack lunch and snack money. Supper will be provided.

STEWARDSHIP BIBLE STUDY: From Weeping to Work - Jeremiah 31 - October 9, 11:00 am

Following a fellowship supper, we'll watch the FRONTLINE documentary "Poor Kids." This film follows three young girls growing up in America against a backdrop of poverty-related struggles. With narration through the eyes of children, "Poor Kids" is a profound answer to why we walk in the CROP Walk and a clear invitation to be more intentional as advocates for children who live on the margins. The film begins at 6:45.

Children's Lovefeast - October 15
One of the highlights of the fall is always our Children's Lovefeast. On this day, we affirm our calling to care for and nurture children in the home, the church, our community and the world. As part of our worship, we will commission our members who are walking in the CROP Walk later in the day.A special offering will be made for the walk.

CROP Walk - October 15, 2:00 pm at Corpening Plaza
Storms. Earthquakes. Famine. Poverty. It's possible to throw our arms around the world as we participate in the Winston-Salem CROP Walk. The money we raise each year enables Church World Service to reach out to neighbors near and far, not with a hand out, but a hand up. The money we raise supports sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, refugee assistance, and education and advocacy on hunger-related issues. Once again, 25% of the monies raised through our Winston-Salem walk will remain in Forsyth County to address local food insecurity through Crisis Control and Sunnyside Ministries. In previous years, our congregation has made extraordinary contributions to the success of the Winston-Salem walk, one of the largest in the nation. Let's do it again! Please sign up in the foyer to receive a registration form. A special offering will be received for the walk on October 15th.

STEWARDSHIP BIBLE STUDY: What's Next? - Jonah - October 16, 11:00 am

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP: Bread for the World Offering of Letters - October 18
Bread for the World is a non-partisan Christian citizens' movement endorsed by the 1986 Synod of the Southern Province. For thirty-one years, Moravians have addressed the root causes of hunger by urging our nation's leaders to end hunger at home and abroad. Following a fellowship supper, we'll hear more about Bread for the World and have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide Offering of Letters addressing legislation important to those living in hunger and poverty.

Flu Shot Clinic - Oct 22
Once again this year we're offering flu shots on a Sunday after worship. Janine Rierson and Leslie Smith are coordinating this opporunity. These preventative shots will be covered by insurance policies (please bring your insurance card) or will be available for $10. Getting this shot should provide effective resistance though the peak of flu season. The Youth Fellowship will also provide lunch this day. Donations will be accepted for next summer's mission camp.

South Branch Conference Mission Trip to Eastern NC - Oct 22-27
Our South Branch Regional Conference of Churches is sending a week-long mission crew to Lumberton this fall to continue the rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew. Last October, Matthew left behind 26 human deaths with $1.5 billion in flooding damage. More than 100,000 buildings were flooded and severly damaged during the storm. Thousands of homes remain uninhabitable. The State of NC asked for $929 million in federal assistance but will receive less than 1% of the requested funding. The lack of recovery funding creates a greater need for donations and volunteer recovery help. Chainsaw debris clean up is still going on. Roof repair, insulation, drywall, painting, food prep and distribution, etc. is needed. Housing and meals are being arranged by Hope Lutheran Church in Wake County. Lou Hutson and eight other members of the Conference are planning so far to go. There are jobs for all skill levels. Please contact John Rights if you have an interest in serving on this team.

STEWARDSHIP BIBLE STUDY: Parables of Persistence - Luke 18 - October 23, 11:00 am

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue - October 25
Compassion fatigue is a condition characterized by a gradual lessening of compassion over time. It is common among anyone devoted to a life of service and care-giving. Following a fellowship supper, Beth Blair will give us the best half hour of a presentation she recently gave on compassion fatigue at Brenner Children's Hospital.

Halloween on Luther Street - October 31, 6:00 pm
This one's pretty low-key. We'll simply drag the fire pit out to the street to pass candy out to the scary children. We'd love to have anyone drop by for a few minutes or more to hang out, give out treats, and share a pizza. Treat donations welcome!