Upcoming Events

Please invite friends, neighbors and family members to attend with you.

Pastor's Weekly E-Mail Preview:  "Looking Ahead to Sunday" is a weekly email sent from the Pastor's Study to members of the congregation who would like a preview of the upcoming Sunday at Konnoak Hills.  If you would like to be added to the list of recipients, please send John an email at jdrights@bellsouth.net or place your email address on the sign-up sheet in the foyer.

Praying the Psalms for September  

Grid Calendar for October

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP: Chicken Pie Making Setup - October 2
After a pizza supper, we'll prepare the fellowship hall for chicken pie making. All available hands appreciated!

Chicken Pie Making

Wed, Oct 2 6:30 pm Put down floor covering and set up
Thurs, Oct 3 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Cooking chicken, preparing the pie dough, cutting chicken, rolling pie crusts, putting pies together, crimping, bagging, box making, and "in the freezer"
Fri, Oct 4 8:00 am - Finish Cooking, cutting, rolling, crimping, bagging, box making, "in the freezer, and clean up

Worldwide Communion Sunday - October 6, 11:00 am
Many important events happen in the month of October but the most significant is our gathering for Holy Communion on the first Sunday this month. Christ once again extends the invitation for us to gather at his table to experience his presence in the bread and the cup. The first Sunday in October is designated as Worldwide Communion Sunday, a day for celebrating the life of Christ we share with believers around the world.

Flu Shot Clinic - Oct 6
Once again this year we're offering flu shots on a Sunday after worship. Janine Rierson and Leslie Smith are coordinating this opporunity. These preventative shots will be covered by insurance policies (please bring your insurance card) or will be available for $10. Getting this shot should provide effective resistance though the peak of flu season. The Youth Fellowship will also provide lunch this day. Donations will be accepted for next summer's mission camp.

"Baptized" Stewardship Banners - October 9
Following a potluck supper, we're making banners to highlight our Baptized stewardship emphasis. Two lengths of paper will be rolled out on the tables as we push up our sleeves to finger paint. By the end of the evening, we'll have two huge banners of cascading water ready to hang on each side of the chancel. All adults, youth and children are expected to join the mess.

Cleansed By His Saving Work - October 13
Daniel Crews will preach this morning as we focus on Christ's saving work of the Cross. Brother Crews brings a depth of wisdom and knowledge having served our Province as Archivist, Pastor and a Provincial Elder.

CWS CROP Walk Offerings in Action - October 16
Following a fellowship supper, we'll see two inspiring stories bearing witness to the effective work of Church World Service. Women and Water in Rural Kenya tells of a village's quest for clean water, and My Own Rice is the story of an orphaned boy's economic survival.

Children's Lovefeast - October 20
One of the highlights of the fall is always our Children's Lovefeast. On this day, we affirm our calling to care for and nurture children in the home, the church, our community and the world. As part of our worship, we will commission our members who are walking in the CROP Walk later in the day.A special offering will be made for the walk.

CROP Walk - October 20, 2:00 pm at Corpening Plaza
Storms. Earthquakes. Famine. Poverty. It's possible to throw our arms around the world as we participate in the Winston-Salem CROP Walk. The money we raise each year enables Church World Service to reach out to neighbors near and far, not with a hand out, but a hand up. The money we raise supports sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, refugee assistance, and education and advocacy on hunger-related issues. Once again, 25% of the monies raised through our Winston-Salem walk will remain in Forsyth County to address local food insecurity through Crisis Control and Sunnyside Ministries. In previous years, our congregation has made extraordinary contributions to the success of the Winston-Salem walk, one of the largest in the nation. Let's do it again! Please sign up in the foyer to receive a registration form. A special offering will be received for the walk on October 20th.

Yadkin Riverkeeper Brian Fanning - October 23
On this evening, we'll welcome Brian Fanning, the Yadkin Riverkeeper, after a fellowship supper. Mr. Fanning's calling is to promote the stewardship of the Yadkin River. Come share his passion for the river that nourishes our region with fresh water, offers inspiring aesthetic beauty, and provides a suitable habitat for wildlife diversity. Check out www.yadkinriverkeeper.org.

Called to a Life of Faith and Willing Obedience - October 27
This is a day of recommitment as we remember and reclaim our baptism. A responsive reading based on our baptismal liturgy will be shared. A bowl of water placed at the chancel will draw us back to the water of our baptisms.

The Moravian Foot Washing Tradition - October 30
We might not actually wash feet on this night, but we will hear about the much forgotten custom of foot washing practiced in the 18th and early 19th century Moravian World. We'll close the evening with a devotional experience offering the opportunity to wash a partner's hands. A fellowship supper will precede at 6:00.

Halloween on Luther Street - October 31, 6:00 pm
This one's pretty low-key. We'll simply drag the fire pit out to the street to pass candy out to the scary children. We'd love to have anyone drop by for a few minutes or more to hang out, give out treats, and share a pizza. Treat donations welcome!

Service of Praise - November 3
All our music groups will amplify our praise this day. We'll pull out all the stops to celebrate the gift of baptism.

Virginia Creeper Trail Youth Bike Ride - November 9, 8:30 a.m.
We're returning to Damascus, Virginia for another ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. Please let John Rights know if you need wheels. We hope to have a good number of adults from the congregation joining us. Ask your parents if they'd like to come along either for the bike ride or just for the ride. Bring a lunch. Supper will be provided. We'll gather at the church at 8:30 a.m and return early in the evening. Please sign up in the foyer or let Sandra, Mary or John know by Wednesday, November 6.

Service of Communion and Commitment - November 11
Our fall stewardship emphasis culminates this day with the celebration of the Holy Communion. We'll embrace Christ as Lord of our lives and Chief Elder of the Moravian Church. As part of our worship, each person will have the opportunity to present an estimate of financial giving for 2020. In place of our customary Time and Talent sheet, each person will be invited to offer written responses to the following questions: How have I experienced the presence of God in the life of our congregation? How do I intend to live more fully into my baptism? Time and Talent sheets similar to what we've used in past years will be distributed in January.

Konnoak Hills Night at Samaritan Inn - November 28
Beginning at 6:15 pm, supper will be served, the kitchen cleaned, devotions shared with the guests, and for those staying overnight, a two-hour shift will be shared with another volunteer to assist the Samaritan Inn staff person. We hope to have our friends from Stockton Street serving again with us. Christ lives at Samaritan Inn as we remember his words: I was hungry and you fed me; a stranger and you took me in. Extend the invitation to a neighbor to join with us in this great work.

South Branch Conference "Rising Against Hunger" - March 14 (2020), 9:00 - 11:00 at Hopewell Moravian
We'll join with Advent, Community Fellowhsip, Hope and Hopewell Congregations to pack 10,000 meals to feed hungry people around the world. We'll work with the organization "Rise Against Hunger" (formerly Stop Hunger Now). Save the date and bring a friend for a fast-paced and FUN Saturday morning.