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Thank You Roses
As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, each of us will have the opportunity to honor another individual in the congregation with a thank-you rose. These roses can be offered to people who have contributed in special ways to your life, or the service of the church, or just because they make your day when they smile. Individual roses to be delivered at the beginning of worship on November 24. Each rose will be $5 with proceeds going to a project yet to be determined. Details to follow. Our thanks to Leslie Smith for coordinating this special opportunity.

Women's Fellowship Mission Project for November
The Women's Fellowship mission project for November is to make up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and return filled boxed to the church by November 10.

Children's Church Volunteers Needed
We are in need of additional volunteers for Children's Church.  Please contact Martha Johnson if interested.

Chicken Pie Update
Our thanks to all who participated in another marvelous two days of pie making on October 4 and 5. 1017 pies were made with the hands of 55 helpers for a net profit of just over $7200. Truly remarkable to see the talents and abilities come together once again in this way! The profit will be used for various mission projects and needs of the congregation. We are very grateful for all who stepped up to make it happen once again this fall.

CROP Walkers Do It Again!

Twenty-two Konnoak Moravians joined with hundreds of others at the Winston-Salem CROP Walk to alleviate hunger and poverty. Our members and friends walked the strollway to raise $1773 to date for Church World Service, Crisis Control Ministry, and Sunnyside Ministry. 75% of monies raised supports the great work of CWS. 25% supports the food assistance programs of Crisis Control and Sunnyside.
Ongoing... Helping Out...

Tai Chi is Back!
Weekly Tai Chi classes are offered on Thursdays at 2:00.  The hour-long classes are taught by David Harold.  Grounded in Christian theology and practice, he is a 40 year practitioner of the art and is particularly interested in integrating Tai Chi principles in building a more peaceful world.  A donation basket for David's instruction is placed at each class.

Flower Calendar
If you are interested in placing flowers in the Sanctuary for Sunday Worship in honor of a special event or a special loved one, or in memory of a loved one, the flower calendar is in the hallway on the left side right before you go into the Fellowship Hall.

CDs of Sunday Services Available
Each Sunday, our Worship Service is recorded on cd.  These cd's are available each week for delivery to members unable to attend worship.  Also, thanks to the generous donation of one of our members, we are also able to mail these to our out-of-town members.

Wish Lists for Local Agencies
Our monthly offerings of food are being simplified to receive the same foods each month for Sunnyside Ministry and the Cordero de Dios Food Pantry.  Keep peanut butter and jelly, toothbrushes and toothpaste, tortilla flour, cooking oil, canned vegetables and canned soups on your grocery list for Sunnyside and Maseca tortilla corn flour and vegetable oil on your list for Cordero de Dios.  Bins for these offerings are in the Fellowship Hall.  Sunnyside also has ongoing needs for volunteers to serve as receptionists, interviewers, food pantry workers, clothing closet workers, and data entry clerks.  Volunteer shifts are 9:00 to 11:00 Monday through Friday and 1:00 to 3:00 Monday through Thursday.  Data entry clerks can work any time between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Friday. Sunnyside currently has a great need for winter clothing, new and gently used blankets, and pots with lids.

Overflow Shelter Bus Passes
It has been our custom each year to provide items such as soap, gloves and caps to people served through the Winston-Salem Overflow Shelter program.  This year, we're doing something a little bit different.  During the month of November, our South Branch Regional Conference is collecting money for the shelter to provide bus passes for its guests.  Each pass costs $1 so every little bit can make a difference.  A collection box will be in the fellowship hall for donations through the end of November.